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australian medical student's association (AMSA)

Senior AMSA Rep 
Harry Tregilgas


Junior AMSA Rep
Sonali Mohan

The Australian Medical Students’ Association (AMSA) is the peak representative body for Australian medical students. The key mandate of the Association is to connect, inform and represent every one of Australia’s 17,000 medical students.

As your 2021 AMSA Representative it is my role to ensure that our collective voice as Bond University medical students is heard. By holding think tanks each semester, I endeavour to ensure that you have an opportunity to share your views and concerns. I also endeavor to maximize student engagement in AMSA led events with a particular focus on the annual Vampire Cup.

About AMSA

The activities of AMSA are all based around our key objectives of connecting, informing and representing Australian medical students:



AMSA provides a voice for medical students, ensuring their concerns are heard by all levels of government and other relevant stakeholders in the medical education arena.


AMSA provides a wide range of benefits to prospective, current and graduating medical students. The Association also actively engages with medical students through local AMSA Subcommittees.



AMSA holds many national events each year, connecting Australian medical students and providing educational and leadership opportunities. Some key events include the National Convention, Global Health Conference, National Leadership Development Seminar, Life in the Real World, National Rural Leadership Development Workshop, Training New Trainers and Think Global Workshop.


AMSA organises projects based around two main categories: health and wellbeing, and community.



AMSA advocates strongly on global and rural issues, and maintains strong relationships with affiliate organisations with similar aims.



AMSA produces many publications which are distributed in electronic and hard-copy. These publications form a key conduit by which the Association informs and connects Australian medical students. Some examples of the publications include: Panacea, Intern and Residents' Guide, Medical Schools Guide, Embolus, AMSA? Your Orange Guide, Wellbeing Booklet, Guide to Working Overseas, and The Other Side. 

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