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Pri Kumar

The Rural Health Summit educated me about the realms of rural health holistically through innovative academic sessions and the opportunity to connect with medical students around Australia.I would highly recommend this summit to anyone who has an interest in Rural Health and would like to explore this area more.


Stephanie Lee

The recent AMSA National Council 3, held over 3 days at the University of Queensland, was simultaneously an enriching and inspiring experience. Amongst medical student representatives from across Australia, I had the opportunity to present my policy on Quality Clinical Placements. I thank the MSSBU Student Opportunity Fund who gave me $150 that was put towards financing the cost of attendance and accommodation of this event.


Raga Sodum

The MIPS QLD Surgical Interest Conference truly did exceed all my expectations of how my first medical conference would be. The Student Opportunity Fund has enabled me to truly enjoy this conference, and has shown the support MSSBU gives for each student to reach their potential. 

Student Opportunity Fund Testimonials


Maddy Hicks

I always enjoy the atmosphere at AMSA Councils, as everyone in attendance is passionate about their university and/or AMSA. Despite only becoming involved in AMSA work this year, the organisation is very welcoming, and I would like to become more involved in AMSA’s advocacy work and its events. The MSSBU Student Opportunity Fund gave me the opportunity to pursue my interest in AMSA, and has helped me to find projects that I would like to get involved in and use to up-skill myself.


Elahe Kia

I feel like I have a new perspective on healthcare after attending the Bootcamp. Alongside the patient-focused perspective that my medical degree is teaching me, I now have a better grasp of system thinking, problem and solution discovery, regulatory considerations and a newfound business/entrepreneurial mind-set. I hope my newfound understanding and framework for innovation can help me identify areas for development, such that one day I can create my own company in the healthcare field. The MSSBU Student Opportunity Fund gave me an unforgettable experience and I am so thankful for it.


Christopher Chen

While I already had a budding interest in radiology due to its central role in modern medicine as the diagnostic tool, this event has made me even more excited to learn more about it. The MSSBU Student Opportunity Fund gave me the support to broaden my knowledge in radiology interpretation and adopt innovative teaching styles to use in the future. I hope this grant continues to serve future medical students to seek out opportunities outside of the medical school curriculum. 

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