Sponsorship Director 

Karthik Ponraj


Junior Sponsorship Officer 

Ahmed Rahim


The 2019 MSSBU Committee appreciates the importance of our relationships with our sponsors, who will be promoted at academic, charitable and social events throughout the year. In 2020 we are introducing a number of new events, which we anticipate will be highly successful and will expand opportunities for sponsors to meet students. In addition, we have a number of publications available for sponsor advertisements and hope to expand on publications and merchandising opportunities from previous years. MSSBU is interested in tailoring individual packages to meet sponsors’ needs. Sponsors will be given the opportunity to advertise their products in the MSSBU’s newsletter and other publications throughout the year.


Sponsorship involvement allows Bond students to be educated early in their career about issues that will impact them in their chosen profession as well as providing valuable networking opportunities. Sponsorship funding is an invaluable resource that allows us to provide Bond medical students with an enriching experience of university life. In return our sponsors will gain maximum exposure to Bond medical students. We hope to work closely with all our sponsors for the mutually beneficial outcome of producing fully equipped doctors for the future.